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How you can book your sun umbrella on the beach

Have you already booked your apartment but you haven’t booked the sun umbrella yet? Our agency doesn’t provide beach service, but here following you’ll find all the informations you need.

On the website you will find all the useful information about the beach offices in Lignano.

It dipends on the zone of your apartment, Sabbiadoro, Pineta or Riviera.


For infos and reservations

Apartments in Lignano Sabbiadoro


Apartments in Lignano Pineta


Apartments in Lignano Riviera


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here following the list with all our houses and the informations about the next beach office


next beach office

Alba, Villa da 1 a 4 pineta
America, Residence 16-17 sabbiadoro
American, Condominio 16-17 sabbiadoro
Arca, Condominio 4-5 sabbiadoro
Bellarosa, Condominio 7 sabbiadoro
Blu, Residence 11 sabbiadoro
Carla, Villa 7 o 8 sabbiadoro
Casamare 1BIS-2 sabbiadoro
Cecilia, Villa 5 o 6 sabbiadoro
Cristallo, Residence 18 sabbiadoro
Dei Fiori, Condominio 4 o 5 pineta
Edda, Residenza 1 bis e 2 sabbiadoro
Erica, Villa 16 e 17 sabbiadoro
Fiore, Appartamenti 11 sabbiadoro
Giardino, Villaggio 19 sabbiadoro
Guglielmo e Anna, Casa 5 sabbiadoro
Parco Hemingway, Villaggio 4 o 5 pineta
Holiday Village 19 sabbiaodoro – 8 pineta  
International, Condominio 13 sabbiadoro
Julia, Condominio 10 sabbiadoro
Jupiter, Appartamenti 3, 1 ter, 4 sabbiadoro
Luisa, Villa 7 bis – 8 pineta
Luna, Residence 13 sabbiadoro
Maddalena, Villa 9 sabbiadoro
Mammole, Condominio 4 sabbiadoro
Mare, Appartamenti 5 sabbiadoro
Marina Porto, Condominio 2 -3 sabbiadoro
Marinella, Condominio 1 bis – 2 sabbiadoro
Michelangelo, Condominio 19 sabbiadoro
Milano, Condominio 16 o 17 sabbiadoro
Miramare, Condominio 1 bis sabbiadoro
Nadia, Villa
Nodari, Villa
7 bis
1 bis
Oriente, Condominio 4 sabbiadoro
Punta dell’Est, Condominio 1 sabbiadoro
Rio, Ville 19 sabbiaodoro – 8 pineta  
Rosanna, Villa 7 bis – 8 pineta
Rubens, Condominio 4-5 sabbiadoro
Rubin, Residence 5 riviera
Sabbiadoro, Residence 7-8 sabbiadoro
San Carlo, Condominio 10-11 sabbiadoro
Shakespeare, Residence 5-6 riviera
Sky, Residence 7-8 sabbiadoro
Sole, Condominio 6 sabbiadoro
Spiaggia, Condominio 4 sabbiadoro
Star, Appartamenti 3-4 sabbiadoro
Sud Est, Condominio 10 sabbiadoro
Sunbeach, Condomnio 5 sabbiadoro
Verde, Residenza 2 sabbiadoro
Venus, Appartamenti 7 sabbiadoro

How you can book your sun umbrella on the beach

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