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Lignano summer memories

Traveling, the most important thing that we bring home (in addition to the dirty clothes :-)) are the memories of what we experienced, the experiences we have made, the new people we met.

l'alba 04.09.13 - chiara (38)

Alba di settembre 

Obviously, when we visit for the first time a city or a country, we are interested in everything new, what we discover on every corner.

But what can you take home as memory of the city where you go on vacation every year?

You follow the evolutions of the city, the changes or what remains unchanged over the years, those that recognize year after year, summer after summer. Things that make us feel to be “back home”, in a cozy place, known and reassuring.

Where to spend happy time with friends and family, where let it flow away the stress and fatigue of many months of work.

spiaggia sabbiadoro - mattina presto - 01.09.15 - chiara (16)

Gli ombrelloni di prima mattina in spiaggia a Sabbiadoro

 Well, and how to revive these emotions during the cold winter? Would it be nice, sit on the couch, with a blanket on his lap and a hot tea in hand, run with the imagination to the happy moments spent at the beach? How?
Through the #lignanosummermemories

Photos, images of the sea, the beach, the lagoon. Sunsets, sunrises and sun high in the sky, to enjoy the colors and the light that gives us Lignano!
Do you like the idea? Do you also want to share your summer memories in Lignano?
Write us! And send us your photos! We will publish them here and on our social pages :-)

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