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Lignano by bike

After the beach, one of the most pleasant places to spend your day in Lignano Sabbiadoro is the saddle of a bicycle. In fact, Lignano is 9 kilometers long, where you can cycle through the green, suggestive views, but also simply in quiet residential areas, which will make you forget the traffic and stress of city life.
Furthermore, being totally flat and equipped with numerous cycle paths, it is ideal for cyclists of all ages, even the smallest.
We are locals and we have decided to write this article to help you organize your little bike tour, giving you small but valuable tips.
Here are the points of interest you can’t miss:

Terrazza a Mare

Obviously you can start your bike tour from any point: we have chosen to start from Terrazza a Mare as a symbol and center of the summer in Lignano.
Parked the bike, walk the entire walkway, pass the eponymous restaurant and come to the end to fully appreciate the view: from here you can not only admire the sea, with a view that allows you to see Grado, Trieste and sometimes also Croatia, but the whole beach of Lignano up to the mouth of the Tagliamento river.
Often within the Terrazza a Mare there are exhibitions of various kinds, almost always free.

terrazza a mare lignano

Villa Zuzzi

Continuing towards the lighthouse, you will find on the left the old town hall of Lignano, now called Villa Zuzzi, a Liberty-style villa built in 1910 and still perfectly preserved.

villa zuzzi lignano sabbiadoro

Faro rosso

At the end of the cycle promenade you will find the Red Lighthouse, another symbol of the town, where you will enjoy a beautiful view of the Marano lagoon and Marinetta island.
Near the lighthouse there is also a small piece of free beach and even a free beach for dogs, ideal for a scenic walk with your four-legged friend.
If you are an early riser, we advise you to come here to see the sunrise: seeing the sun rising from the sea is really exciting.

faro rosso

German bunker from the Second World War

Practically in front of the Red Lighthouse you will find one of the few testimonies of the Second World War left in Lignano Sabbiadoro. The bunker was built in the 1940s, when the Germans feared the American landing on the Friulian coasts: unfortunately it cannot be visited, but it will surely make you jump into a not so distant past, in which the beach of Lignano was the scenario of events totally different from those of today. Near the bunker and the lighthouse there are also quite shabby little houses, which are what remains of the old fishing village that was in Lignano before of the mass tourism.

bunker lignano sabbiadoro


After the bridge that passes over the Lignano dockyard, near the da Miro restaurant and a small marina, an elevated walk with a view of the lagoon begins, ideal for a run on foot or by bicycle. After a few steps, on the right, stop at Belvedere Trabucco, recently restored, which offers a spectacular view of the lagoon, especially at sunset.
The walk continues to the cemetery of Lignano, but we suggest you stop there a little earlier, at the little church of San Zaccaria. Here stood the ancient inhabited area of Pineda, of which there are historical evidences since the end of the 1500s. Right here, near the lagoon, you will find Casa Gnatta, the oldest settlement settlement still visible in Lignano.

lungolaguna lignano

Cycle path

From San Zaccaria continue towards the sea in the direction of Camping Sabbiadoro: once you have passed the campsite, just before the Beach No. 19 office (Bar Sabbiadoro), starts the bike path that connects Lignano Sabbiadoro to Lignano Pineta. Going along this road immersed in the pine forest is always really very relaxing, especially if you make a small stop to admire the sea. This point of the beach is in fact generally little visited and is rather quiet even in the high season months.

ciclabile lignano pineta

cilcabile lignano pienta spiaggia

Lignano Pineta

The cycle path then continues along the Lignano Pineta waterfront, where it is certainly worth stopping at both the Pontile (between the beach office No. 4 and No. 5) and in the center.

lignano pineta pontile

The center of Lignano Pineta, the so-called “train”, develops along two parallel roads, which connect the sea to the point of origin of the spiral, located in Piazza Rosa dei Venti, in the parking lot in front of the church. Lignano Pineta was in fact born as an original urban project by the architect Marcello D’Olivo, who in 1953 developed a plan for the road network in the shape of a spiral. If you want to try to find the exact point from which the spiral originates, we give you an advice: it is very small and could even be parked on a car.

origine spirale Lignano Pineta

Lignano Riviera

Visited the center of Lignano Pineta, our advice is to continue towards Lignano Riviera, the most peaceful and green area of Lignano. You can continue along the cycle path of the waterfront or take one of the many cycle paths within the numerous strips of green that separate the “calle” of Lignano Riviera. These cycle paths are sometimes a little bumpy, but getting lost in them is certainly an experience not to be missed, especially if you are a lover of nature and greenery. To not lose yourself “too much”, below is a map of Lignano Riviera, where all these suggestive streets are sawing in green. To download the detailed map of Lignano in pdf, click here.

Fasce verdi Lignano Riviera
Arrived near the campsite and Hotel Marina Uno, you will have reached the Tagliamento river, the border that separates Lignano from Bibione, but also Friuli from Veneto.
Here it is certainly worth stopping for a while near the “Al Cason” restaurant, which, besides being a great location for a romantic dinner, is also ideal for an aperitif, watching the sun set over the river. This point of the port is very characteristic also for the now famous wreck lying in the river and for the swans that usually populate the area.

Lignano Riviera Fiume Tagliamento

From this point it is possible to take the ferry that crosses the river during the day and takes tourists with their bicycles to the other shore, in Bibione.
If you are interested in this kind of experience, we suggest you read our article on the ferry that connects Lignano to Bibione.
Our bike tour in Lignano continues instead along the old road that runs along the river, which is now closed to cars and has become a wide bike path. You will suddenly find yourself immersed in nature and you will find several points where it will be worth stopping to take a picture or simply to enjoy the splendid panorama.

vista fiume ciclabile lignano riviera

Return to Sabbiadoro: Parco Hemingway and Santa Maria del Mare

The cycle path continues along Via Casabianca, until it joins Via Alzaia, the road that runs along the Litoranea Veneta. Continue along this road that runs along the canal until you reach Via San Giuliano, the road that will take you back to Lignano Pineta, near the Aquasplash. At this point we suggest you go back to Sabbiadoro, passing in front of the war plane at the end of Viale dei Fiori and above all through the Hemingway Park, the ideal place to do some gymnastics or to spend a few hours with your children have fun on the many games in the park.

Lignano aereo

parco hemigway lignano

Walking along viale Centrale you will pass through the pine forest and reach the pedestrian area of Sabbiadoro in a few minutes, finishing your bicycle tour in Lignano Sabbiadoro. The last suggestion we would like to give you is to stop for a moment at the small church of Santa Maria del Mare, one of the oldest buildings in Lignano Sabbiadoro, dating back to the 15th century. This small church was originally located on the left bank of the Tagliamento river, near the bridge that leads to Bibione. The church stood on a small Roman settlement, where there was probably a place of worship and perhaps a small furnace. The church was moved and rebuilt in the current position from 1965 to 1966, as it was being swept away by the ruinous flood of the river. It is worthwhile to enter to admire the interesting frescoes inside.

santa maria del mare lignano

This circular itinerary that leaves and arrives at Terrazza a Mare will make you fully appreciate the entire territory of Lignano, making you ride for 19 kilometers.
So bring some water, a hat and sunglasses, but above all don’t forget good humor at home. Good ride to everyone!

And if you need to rent a bike in Lignano, take a look at our article on bike rentals in Lignano.

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