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How to reach the Trieste airport from Lignano

Treiste Airport

The Friuli Venezia Giulia airport of Ronchi dei Legionari, better known as the Trieste airport, is the only airport in the region and is the closest to Lignano Sabbiadoro

The number of flights that depart and arrive at this airport is much lower than the nearby airports of Treviso and Venice, but the airport of Trieste has recently been renewed and enlarged and the Friuli Venezia Giulia region is strongly intent on increasing connections with the rest of Europe in the future.

The “Trieste Airport” railway station has recently been built, located near the airport and connecting it with the main railway stations nearby.

As a result, you can reach the Trieste airport from the Latisana train station in just over 20 minutes, with numerous trains to and from the airport that leave every hour.
To check train timetables simply visit the website, setting the dates on which you want to travel.
You can easily reach the Latisana train station by bus from Lignano in about half an hour.

The only way to reach the airport of Trieste directly from Lignano Sabbiadoro is to use the E52 line of the APT Gorizia , which however only runs one ride a day, only during the summer.

Aeroporto Trieste da Lignano Sabbiadoro

If you are interested in a transfer service with authorized taxis, prices range from € 100.00 to € 120.00. For more information write to or visit the website .

How to reach the Trieste airport from Lignano

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