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How to reach the Treviso airport from Lignano


Lignano Treviso Aeroporto Bus

Lignano Sabbiadoro is located just 20 km from the highway that connects it to the rest of Europe.
The relative distance from the Latisana train station and above all the distance from the main airports, means that most tourists reach Lignano with their own car.

But if you decide to arrive by plane, how can you reach Lignano Sabbiadoro leaving from the Venice Marco Polo airport?

The “Antonio Canova” airport of Treviso Sant’Angelo (also known as Venice – Treviso) has become one of the most important airports in northern Italy in recent years, also thanks to the numerous low cost flights that connect it with different cities throughout Europe.

Unfortunately, Lignano Sabbiadoro is badly connected to this airport and to reach it by public transport is rather complicated and inconvenient.
The only viable solution throughout the year is to reach the Latisana train station by bus and take a train to Treviso, definitely changing in Venice Mestre or Portogruaro. From the Treviso train station you can reach the “Antonio Canova” airport in about twenty minutes by bus.

You can also take the bus to Treviso airport also directly from the train station of Venezia Mestre, arriving in about an hour.

Venezia Mestre Aeroporto Treviso Bus

Even in summer, arriving at the Treviso airport from Lignano Sabbiadoro is not very easy. It is in fact necessary to reach Bibione first by bus or by taxi (10 km).
From Bibione you can take the bus to Treviso airport by taking a bus change to San Donà di Piave.

Two and a half hours to do little more than 100 km seems like an eternity? You’re probably right!
In fact, it takes just over an hour to get to the airport by car.

If you are interested in a transfer service with authorized taxis, prices range from € 140.00 to € 160.00. For more information write to or visit the website .

How to reach the Treviso airport from Lignano

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